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Founded in 2008 in The Netherlands

12 Locations worldwide
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The ATM brand

ATM Chiptuning B.V. was established in 2008 in The Netherlands by a collaboration of professionals and companies that have been involved in tuning for many years. ATM-Chiptuning B.V. is supported by a team of qualified professionals from the automotive industry who have extensive  knowledge of engine management optimization.

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The ATM group = ATM-Performance


Since the beginning of the company in 2008, the founders started and added new companies to form a group so they could accelerate in their line of business. And like a real team, they support each other and are inextricably linked.

ATM believes in the power of teamwork. Working together is simply necessary to achieve goals and to continue to develop as a company. That philosophy brought us where we are today.

Needless to say that in fact all affiliated ATM sub-dealers are part of the group. All our licensed dealers are listed on the sub-dealer page.

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Other ATM brands

We are also owner of the following tuning brands / companies:

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