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ATM-Performance is the name of the organization...

...for all ATM-Performance sub-dealers and all its subsidiary organizations.
It is our central place for all our dealer related activities.

ATM Headquarter
12 Locations worldwide
300+ ATM tuners worldwide
11 Years of experience

Dealer requirements

ATM-Performance sub-dealers and their employees represent the ATM brand. They embody our core values and our company philosophy when dealing directly with customers. We put a lot of effort in our core values and that is exactly why we have come so far with building our brand. We want to become one of the biggest and best tuners in the world with our brand and that can only be achieved with strong and experienced partners.

To ensure that our core values are applied, we're searching for companies that meet the following conditions:

  • Representative business premises
  • being extremely motivated to achieve our goal with us
  • At least 5 years of demonstrable experiences in the industry
  • Disposal of at least an Autotuner Slave tool or an Alientech’s KESSv2 Slave tool
  • Disposal of a dynamometer

Benefits of becomming an ATM-Performance sub-dealer:

  • Right of use of the ATM-Performance logo and the ATM-Performance brand
  • Right of use of all the ATM-Performance video- & photo content (Coming soon)
  • Right of use of all the official ATM-Performance merchandise products (Coming soon)
  • Enjoy the assistance of all the highly skilled and experienced people in our family
  • Enjoy several purchase benefits

As a sub-dealer, you get full support from ATM-Performance in the field of software, equipment and technology.

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Let your customers enjoy pure driving sensation and become an ATM-Chiptuning sub-dealer!

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